Neil Armstrong

Neil Armstrong a Colombian honorary citizen? I read many, many years ago that Neil Armstrong had traveled to Bogotá, Colombia, years before 1969, and he was given all kind of honors and distinctions.
Anyone out there knows whether this is true?
Mr. Armstrong, do you care to shed a light on the subject?

I remember going to the Museum of Natural History of Bogotá and seeing in their display a lunar rock specimen and an astronaut suit. I have always wanted to be an astronaut just from watching that (of course, now it is more of a distant longing).

Again, anyone? Oh, marvelous power of the Lazyweb, I invoke thee!

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  1. Scott Watson says:

    I shook hands with Neil Armstrong at the airport in Bogota in either late 1966 or early 1967 — I was six or seven years old.

    Armstrong had piloted a Gemini mission [one that eventually involved an emergency return and landing], and was on a goodwill tour. I lived in Colombia as a “USAID” dependent. I was the only American, and was a little blond boy who had somehow separated himself from the crowds. Armstrong walked along shaking hands, passing me. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw me, and stepped back over to lean down and shake my hand.

    I remember the lines of people, and the handshake, but the “passing me by” elements were imparted to me by older family members.

    But Mr. Armstrong did indeed visit Santa Fe de Bogota. . . .

  2. steve says:

    Hello, My wife was in Bogota also for the Neil Armstrong event. I was looking to find a photo of the event to give her for her Birthday. I think she told me he shook her hand also; she also was Blond hair, unusual for a Colombian crowd.

  3. Camilo says:

    The only photo that I have found of that event is for the usual dinner with so and so, and nothing about the astronauts shaking hands. Really bad grainy pictures too!

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