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Once more Jason Kottke paints a compelling picture of a possible Google Browser, this post actually being a sort of a second part to the Google OS he mentioned some time ago.
Today at a meeting I was wondering about that scenario precisely, one in which the GoOS were to be used by a significant portion of businesses and individuals: computers permanently on, having stored in RAM all its data and programs, sporting incredibly high connectivity, to all effects inmpervious to physical damage.
Disaster recovery plans actually achievable, through the use of decentralized machines, redundant storage and applications readily available.
Open Source being the paradigm of computing, revenues obtained from service, distribution and other activities with high aggregated value (Such as I cannot explain right now).
Heinlein (and Vernon, at that) maintained that mature technology was easy enough to be replicated everywhere, and although backed by a highly sophisticated theory, that technology would be amazingly simple. That is where the GoOS, and its attendats the browser, GIM and Gmail come about: providing the user with incredible functionality, while at the same time being easy to use and small enough to fit in a disc, or to receive its functionality through the Net via a broadband connection: Imagine an OpenSource word processor from Google, a Gword, working straight out of, where you could spellcheck, format, apply templates etc. Furthermore, if the power goes out, it is saved in google’s (or your pc’s) cache, and you can have it forever there, no matter where you are, no compatibility problems either. It would always be available.
And, with the advantages of Open Source and the brand recognition of Google, you get all kinds of templates, styles and nifty utilities for your works. How’s that for distributed?

UPDATE: Besides Kottke’s article, there is the excellent article by John Rhodes, which he penned back in the Middle Ages (9-6-2001), and a slightly more recent one by Kati. We own google.

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  1. John Rhodes says:

    This is what I wrote to Jason Kottke about this posting…

    In reference to:

    I wrote “Google 2.0” on 6-Sept-2001 which was about a Google browser. I
    also talk about how Google make be the next “layer” to be built over the
    Windows operating system. Think about it. Hardware, then OS core (think
    DOS), then new OS layer (think Windows), and THEN new user-driven / search
    layer (think Google). Google rides on top of Windows and is the new layer.

    Maybe Anil is right about Mozilla as the platform. Maybe not. What matters
    is the idea of a new layer on top of Windows, or any other OS, or current
    operating evnironment. Maybe it is browser based (i.e., Mozilla) but maybe
    it is something else. In any event, here’s the article…

    Here are some excerpts:

    “What if instead Google built a super simple web browser. Pow! There is a
    killer idea. Maybe.”

    “What if Google built something that was very much like a browser but was
    mainly used for searching for information. What if they built a tool that
    was focused on searching for answers to your questions first, and looking
    at web pages second. Wrap your head around that.”

    “The Google client might even be a sweet layer of technology on top of
    Microsoft’s operating system. Yes, you are getting the vibes. I’m saying
    that a Google client might almost function like an operating system over
    Microsoft Windows. The Google client might shanghai the entire Microsoft
    desktop. Over the top! Wouldn’t that be sweet? It would ride on top and
    hide the ugly parts of the operating system yet it would let through the
    appropriate technology, just for you. Just what you need.”

    Best regards,

    – John

    John S. Rhodes
    phone: 607-768-5664
    Fax: 806-993-5407

    Industrial Strength Usability

  2. 1337 bitch says:

    I heard hackers released the beta version of Gbrowser and a generator to generate gbrowser invitations

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