Month: May 2005


This post is about Friedensreich_Hundertwasser. Nothing more amazing than to find an artist that created art that invited people to incorporate it in their lives: the Hundertwasser Haus: Because the Hundertwasser House Vienna was THE VERY FIRST architectural project that

Robot nanny

Chris Anderson wrote about the long tail. Now he writes about Roomba as robot nanny: “she” will vacuum the house, and play with the kids before bedtime. I can already see the headlines in Time Magazine, 2010: “I was raised

Professional advice

Anil gives the best advice on pricing your work, specially when negotiating with heartless corporations: I think I came up with my best suggestion today, and it involves only two simple steps: 1. Slap the client in face. 2. Tell


Just after reading tagsonomy, about folksonomies, I came to realize that my blog has the poorest categories possible. Time to do a facet analysis of the whole thing? Tagsonomies only work when I have a wide participation, and a lot

Photo service

The Troutgirl describes easily the whole Flickr ontology, when she identifies that bad photos are good for that particular place. The photography is not settled in one particular style, and all kinds of experimentation are possible. What was once unprintable

I live on Sunset

What Classic Movie Are You?personality tests by Would you know it!

New worlds

As of lately, I have been busy creating new worlds, spaces where my word is as powerful as my dreams, and where I do in fact create what I am. All this is really fuzzy, I know, but go to