Upside of WS

Here in WS the great advantage is that I am surrounded by people that know me. So, yes, it is very comfortable.
The downside is that I am already missing somebody else that lives in the 510 area code.
Cool, I know what to do, and only going on the how.

2 comments on “Upside of WS
  1. Dave Iiyama says:

    Hey Camilo. Hopefully you remember me. I was in your Aikido class at Konko Church on Laguna and Bush St. I had to quit because I went back to school at San Jose State University. When I said goodbye, you gave me your card. Ring a bell?
    Are you still practicing at the dojo? How is it going for you? Right now, I wish I could go to an Aikido dojo about 2 miles away from where I live, but school is pretty busy and tough at the moment, so I have to hold off on that right now.
    Hopefully I will see you during my winter break back at the dojo. By the way, do you have a Myspace or Xanga? It’s something like this site; add friends, blogs, send comments, add pictures, etc. If you do, send me a message and we’ll exchange because I have those two. My screen name is “speedoman405” Take care, bye bye.

  2. maria says:

    Imagine that, I’m missing someone in the 336 area code;)

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