OpenOffice marries Web 2.0

goffice.pngWrite in Ajax, forget about Microsoft: The application now is the browser.
Everybody knows that I have been living under a rock for the last three months, surviving out of the air, but please! To not be aware of gOffice is almost a sin.
gOffice is another Office suit that allows you to create and modify your content online, thus enabling you to work whenever there is an internet connection, without worrying about those pesky issues such as licenses, microsoft payments and patches, and the like. Your new concerns are going to be, of course, connectivity and hosting company reliability.
gOffice has word processing, DTP, presentations and spreadsheets. Of course, all of them have to be very simple, which is good for 80% of the population – the rest can very well shell out $500 for their own indesign or whatever.
I tried printing one of my chapters of the Nanowrimo attempt for this year, and I must say, it seems functional. What’s more, if I had some sort of cellphone connectivity, I could start writing in my Zaurus, for example, and when finished simply print that chapter at the local Kinkys. Or, more to the point, edit my resume on the fly, and finalize with a nifty PDF to present to my employer to be.
This thing has possibilities.

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