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A few projects have come up in which I will be deciding over a CMS, and naturally, open source is the way to go. I like the clear and concise path that Seth Gottlieb indicates for choosing a CMS, including this:

Open-source content management software presents an attractive option for companies looking for a straightforward solution to a common problem…
To get your bearings, focus on the business problem and look to see what other companies have used to solve similar problems. Once you do narrow down to a set of viable options, the openness of open source will allow you to learn more about the software than you ever could learn in the commercial world. If you leverage these benefits, open source can reduce the risk of your initiative and provide a solution that can grow with your company.

In particular, I like the possibilities that an Open Source CMS, such as Joomla, can create in a slightly unorthodox environment, where various hierarchies and groups coexist, there are some financial limitations, and also an incredible wealth of creative talent. In a case like that, an Open Source CMS simply allows everybody to experiment, implement and take ownership of the software, in effect developing in-house knowledge, and projecting the use of the software into other activities.
Let’s try Joomla.

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