Month: March 2006

Tip of the morning

In reality, the Iron Monkey has it right when he advises people on how to be good, whether coders or rock stars: learn what others have been doing well, and learn to do it like that. Of course, it also

On Ruby, Basecamp, and Lisp

I have finally drank the kool-aid, and started reading on ruby, rails, information architecture, lisp and all those (soon to-do) SCIP ideas. As it happens, everybody is doing that, and there is no first in market advantage here, but it

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evil Google

This is definite proof that Google is the API of Evil:

Ruby likes mercury

And teh pursuit of happiness. Seriously, thins little programming language is making waves, getting adepts, and disruptiong business as usual. Right now, the most telling is this little snippet from the Programming Ruby: The Pragmatic Programmer’s Guide: This book is


Program Yourself function get_smarter(): 1. Am I smart enough yet? (default answer: of course not!) 2. If yes, go make a grillion dollars, or go fishing, or something. (Note: this statement is unreachable). 3. Otherwise: 1. Do various important things,


Found at Daily Zen: Do not be an embodier of fame; do not be a storehouse of schemes; do not be a proprietor of wisdom. Embody to the fullest what has no end and wander where there is no trail.


Kathy Sierra’s post on How to be an expert simply reinforces the old advice: Practice! Yet the research says that if we were willing to put in more hours, and to use those hours to practice the things that aren’t

Leadership is broken

Leadership is broke. The hierarchical system is simply wrong, dated, and full of mistaken assumptions. See, it was alright to have a leader back in the Middle Ages, or a hundred years ago, when only a few were taught, educated