Merlin asks for eccentricities, all those little quirks that made us different from the people around us. That is a travel through a period of self-discovery and self-consciousness: we were inventing our persona.
In high school, and for a while in college, I used to wear only green clothing – nothing but green. I presumed it was due to my environmentalist inclinations, but it was odd – and people thought me militaristic.
And for a long time as an adult I forgot the year of my birthday – I mean, I completely forgot about it: I refused to acknowledge that particular tidbit of information: it was fun being Peter Pan.
Also, when camping, I (and a bunch of friends) used to sing Les Luthiers. All of their albums!
All that is left of my eccentric days is dancing in front of any band every time I see a group, either in the street or at a bar. It helps to have great partners, though.
Is that eccentric?
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