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I would have thought that UCali would be the first in the Google panopticon, but at least they are there in their partnership now.

“The academic enterprise is fundamentally about discovery,” said John Oakley, chair of UC’s systemwide Academic Senate and a UC Davis law professor.

Wonder how much this inexorable trend towards difussion of knowledge will work with the old deffenders of copyright, the modern representative of the medieval guilds.
However, I remember the main character in the latest Vernon Vinge novel, Rainbows End, complaining about digital books, simple streams that inhibit discovery by eliminating that random chance that occurs when you are opening a book in the wrong page, or happen to pick a book next to other, in a completely random subject.
I tend to agree. I love serendipity, and the clear and unmistakable feeling of a book solidly in my hands, the accidental discovery of more material in the bookcases in front of it, and the ability to read it even after pouring my coffee all over it.
On the other hand, let’s go checking books on complexity!
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