Dead blogging

I finally realized why is it that blogging is such a boring, depressing activity as of lately.
It is as fun as going to the cemetery to converse with old friends, and precisely for the same reasons.
When I first started blogging, four years ago, there were a lot of people already, and of course we newbies stuck together: I would get emails from readers, from Hi Monkey, KaneBlue, Maria, Bea, Ali, Doc, GingerGirl, Dolly, Ggirl, PinkW and others that I don’t remember.
And slowly, one by one, all of them stopped writing. Our medium was the blog, and they left. Now, updating all these links in my blogroll is like picking up old photos, and trying desperately to remember all that people in these, discarded, yellowed, forgotten pieces of paper. What was of the shiny color, the brilliant words, the intriguing tales? Looking through these abandoned domains feels like walking through an empty cemetery, where even the epitaphs are fading.

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