Month: April 2007


It is not easy being green, or as the old saying goes, Esse quam verde.

Esse quam videri

From The Seven Against Thebes, quoted in wikipedia, ou gar dokein aristos, all’ enai thelei which roughly means he wishes not to seem, but to be, noble. The NC motto comes from Cicero: Virtute enim ipsa non tam multi praediti

On mindfulness

Joi Ito goes into mindful writing, and clearly this points to all kinds of events taking place these days. Adam comments on the four ways to be made pure. Check this: Access to Insight We are all engaging in some

Sunday morning cars

The sound of cars passing, slowly, under my window, has been quite soothing for some time now. The drivers are considerate enough to drive by at very low speeds, their motors rumbling in first gear, the lull of the rhythmic


Because it is appropriate, here is Caraluna, from Bacilos: Quién dice que no duelen las huellas en la arena tu huella el mar se la llevo pero la luna sigue ahí pero esa luna es mi condena Despacio en la

On violent days

On these violent days, where news are flooded with the VT massacre and the countless dead in Iraq and Darfur, it is necessary for us to recount our human nature, and understand and remember what is what distinguish us from

Death threats

Bloggers are under attack: death threats to Kathy Sierra, and an international response. In these days, that people are simply throwing around death threats as if they were candy, it might be worth to revisit wikipedia: A death threat is

Torturer and mirror

Benedetti has always been political. Torturador y espejo (Torturer and mirror) by Mario Benedetti Found here and here as well. Mirate así qué cangrejo monstruoso atenazó tu infancia qué paliza paterna te generó cobarde qué tristes sumisiones te hicieron despiadado

Canon vs Linux

I love ubuntu linux, but recent experiments with unsuspecting friends had led me to conclude that it is going to be a long and arduous time before there is mainstream acceptance for it. Hey, ubuntu linux is the best, most

Having Brains (inside your head)

I am of the kind that rattles and prattles about security and safety – nobody rides with unless they are buckled up. Having been in car accidents where the involved all wear the seatbelts, I have been spared the gruesome