3 comments on “An empty space
  1. Charlotte says:

    Don’t you always, behave impeccably that is? Maybe that’s not what to do?

  2. Camilo says:

    Dear Charlotte,
    I choose to behave – there is no other option.
    f I am opposing a normal human being, with some sense of morals and decency, behaving is the only way to accomplish something, and find an understanding.
    If the person across the table is just evil, nothing that I do will change the nature of my opponent, but it will certainly change me.

    So, yes, there is a choice, and by exercising that choice, by committing to behaving impeccably, I am protecting my sanity and my soul.

  3. Charlotte says:

    Then I suppose you are right, but is there no alternative? Is there no way to capture what escapes you?

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