Day: May 20, 2007


For all those manager types that are caught within situations they don’t get: Because it is not our control over others what makes us powerful, but how we adapt to a particular situation. via Media Influencer

Vonnegut’s advice

Bob Sutton, author of the “No Asshole Rule“, writes about ow Kurt Vonnegut gave permission to publish “Joe Heller”, and the background to that story: Heller remarks to Vonnegut that he has something that the billionaire can never have, “The

Modern art

You know all those GPS trackers you can get at spy stores? What about the smaller ones, the ones that indicate position in a room? Abe has a proposal for a 21st century installation: – Buy 5 -11 floor cleaning

Wear sunscreen

I know; these are not the words of Vonnegut, but stem from a column by Mary Schmich – here is the backstory. Regardless, these apply today even more than ever. So, briefly, here is an excerpt, taken from here: Don’t