Plastic brain, purple rain

OK, so that is a bad word game, yet the plasticity of the brain appears to be nothing short of amazing, miraculous, and incomprehensible just yet; from the NYTimes:

For patients with brain injury, the revolution brings only good news, as Dr. Doidge describes in numerous examples. A woman with damage to the inner ear’s vestibular system, where the sense of balance resides, feels as if she is in constant free fall, tumbling through space like an ocean bather pulled under by the surf. Sitting in a neuroscience lab, she puts a set of electrodes on the surface of her tongue, a wired-up hard hat on her head, and the feel of falling stops. The apparatus connects to a computer to create an external vestibular system, replacing her damaged one by sending the proper signals to her brain via her tongue.

And I am getting the book.

One comment on “Plastic brain, purple rain
  1. Charlotte says:

    One step closer to uploading your mind to a hard drive and keeping you around forever huh?

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