Hire the best people

This howto by Marc Andreessen, about hiring the best people, is interesting, to say the least. Most other articles about hiring people center on the specifics of the interview and the hiring process, whereas Marc focus on the why and who. Really, what kind of people do you want with you?
He identifies three major areas in which you have to focus:
1. drive: do they do stuff, regardless? Do they go the extra mile, do they “push and push and push”?
2. curiosity: do they learn! Oh how very important! Are they learning and being current and improving? Do they challenge what they know? Do they seek further?
3. ethics: further on the No asshole rule (self-test and book), seriously, is this the kind of person that you want at your back in the middle of a crisis? What about in the middle of riches?

How many processes we have, only to find out that we need to revisit their reasons and motivations.

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