Guerrilla biking

413702237_38e9c34d86_m.jpgThis Toronto activist’s idea of painting your own bike lanes makes wonder about the legality and feasibility of such an activity here in Winston-Salem.
Unlike other cities, which are full of cyclists and pedestrians, like Greensboro or SFO, this little town is decidedly unfriendly towards cyclists.

The roads are very narrow, the bikers are mostly recreational, and the drivers are completely oblivious to anything beyond their little metal cage. In a town designed for cars, cyclists and pedestrians are always in danger. So, how could we reclaim the space for the bikers? Unlike Toronto, there are roads in which there is no physical space to comfortably ride a car, much less paint a bike lane; rush hour is usually dead cyclist hour; the roads go up and down, some of this actually very steep, and the town is a giant incredible sprawled amorphous mass, where distances creep easily into double digits.

We do not need an amazingly daring paint crew – we need less sprawl.

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  1. Charlotte says:

    Not to mention the economic and ecological impact of urban sprawl….

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