Bobo marketing

A marvelous realization! All that fake Nepalese cutlery? All those distressed tables? all carefully marketed!:

We tend to think our standards for the beautiful and good are natural and eternal. They aren’t. And you know who needs this analysis of Bobo consumption most? Not Bobos, nor Bobo-aspirants, but marketers. If business is about knowing how your customer thinks, then this is a business book. It tells you exactly how to jack all those fat baby-boomer wallets—whether you’re selling ice cream, a university, a book, a religion, or a company. When I see suits on planes reading business best sellers, I think: Wrong! Get some books that explain how groups try to reconcile their dreams of who they want to be with the social and economic realities of their world through the stuff they buy. Then get down to business. That’s what J. Crew did.

I know both those marketers and those buyers. And of course, blogging makes me one of those. Damn!

One comment on “Bobo marketing
  1. Charlotte says:

    Bobos were the 90s, who are we now? There has to be something new in 7 years time.

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