Inching towards a goal

followthrow.jpgWe all know the famous quote, and whether Lombardi’s or some baseball person it is still valid.
And then, it is the corollary, from Seth Godin

Obsessing about the last inch of follow through ensures that the important parts of what you do get just as much (if not more) commitment.

What’s that slippery slope? That last inch of commitment?
Easy: The PM going home early because, you know, they are the PM. The diminished level of attention given to a problem. The slowly leaking tire.
Correct, complete follow-through won’t prevent the leaking tire, but it would ensure that you know the causes, and that you correct them.

3 comments on “Inching towards a goal
  1. Charlotte says:

    But wouldn’t complete follow through ensure that the tire was patched correctly and therefore you would not have a slowly leaking tire?

  2. Charlotte says:


  3. Charlotte says:

    inching towards a goal is great, but post something when u get there ok ?

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