All dressed in black

When is it that you realize that your social conscience is asleep?
Today, I kept noticing people at work all dressed in black, and suddenly I remember the account of the Jenna 6 from the archives of democracy now, the more detailed story that can be found at intel daily.
IntelDaily has a description of the events that took place on Jena, from the noose on the oak tree to the armed confrontation to the final fight that prompted the court to issue their ridiculous statement:

With no evidence of attempted murder, the district attorney lessened the charges against Bell to aggravated battery. In Louisiana, this charge requires the use of a dangerous weapon in the underlying attack. The prosecution claimed that the students—he called them the “gang of Black boys”—used their sneakers as a dangerous weapon. The court allowed this spurious argument.

Huffington Post has an article on the Jena 6, and has this damning quote:

But the story of Jena is not an outsider/insider story. It’s a story about the worst tradition of what is known as Southern Justice. And like in the days of Jim Crow, it’s a story where any shades of grey matter far less than black and white… Two black students were beaten by a white student while another group of black students were threatened with a shotgun by a former classmate. Surprisingly, none of the white students or former students were punished in any way for these incidents.

The Jena 6 can be supported in six ways: you can help with money, by blogging, by calling your local politician, supporting yuour local juvenile justice coallition, and basically, spreading the word and raising awareness about racial injustice and inequality in this country.

By now, the news are all over the place, and while most Americans ponder their latest bread and circus, others rally in Jena to confront the reactivation of Jim Crow laws and open racism in the South.

Do we need another song about strange fruit?

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  1. Liz says:

    I wouldn’t worry too much about not wearing black. You know your heart is in the right place.

    *I hope all is well with you. ;)

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