Is OLPC degrading?

While interesting to suggest giving an OLPC, what is it that makes it insulting?

It doesn’t go to a “kid”, it goes to a school system, which will then have to pay to maintain it. They’re actually having trouble unloading the devices, from what I’ve heard.
My dad immigrated from Africa, and I find that device obnoxious and insulting. I’ll certainly never own one.

Although I am interested in OLPCs for some places in USA, since the whole thing “3rd world” doesn’t apply anymore.

What about getting these to children living in restrictive conditions in poor areas of the world, with little or no access to effective education? What about children living in areas with huge mortality index and decreased life expectancy?

That would bring a new intriguing and fascinating redefinition of 3rd world. As Friedman says, the world is flatter than we think.

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