we googled you

google. lower case google: you get more brand recognition and mind share by being a verb, not a brand: air is free, yet we all breath it.

Now, to the point: zephoria asks for participation in her Case Study for the HBR.

Of course, in reality, few companies have their senior management, or their possible employees, on facebook. Social media is quite recent, in geological years, although old in internet time.

But I see that, here in middle earth, people are afraid of or unaware of the possibilities of social media, opting for the more direct approach: house visit or phone message.

That said, it is interesting to see sites like linkedin generate all this interest, doubtless because people are running scared in a recession economy, and thus using all venues to enhance their employability prospectus.

Me? I do it for the social capital.

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One comment on “we googled you
  1. Charlotte says:

    I think you’ve got an awful lot of social capital, just need to make the right people in the right geographic areas aware of it! (SF Bay Baby!)

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