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I am almost ashamed: I have spent the brief interludes that daily life affords to try to connect my wireless gain using my trusty Ubuntu on my crusty Dell, and yet no wifi.

Yes I have read them all, and I have had as much success as s cold fusion physicist: it works, but I can’t repeat the miracle.

On other news, I started twittering again, which interesting enough of a change of pace. After the Reddit Apocalypse and their dismal views on economy, life and the future of the planet, it is refreshing to see the aggregation of random tidbits, not enough to distract but intriguing enough to explore.

Reddit fails at social media by bypassing community – you contribute and engage, but seldom with people, just with random pieces of comments. Memes arise and die within days, and the collective knowledge fades as rapidly as the collective mood changes. In Twitter at least I get a lot of links to blogs and the like. It’s got more focused content.

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