True or False?

“Colombia is a dangerous country for Americans!”


USA is the dangerous country for Americans. Everything else is just hearsay.

Let’s look at the numbers, please, and then decide which is the worst, most dangerous country; for this, please tell me which country has the largest numbers:

  • Population per capita in jail? USA.
  • Deaths by gun? USA.
  • Imprisonment without recourse to lawyers? USA.
  • Torture? USA.
  • Drug addicts? USA
  • Number of casualties in illegal wars? USA
  • Worst financial fraud in history? USA
  • Biggest national debt? USA

The USA has the most draconian judicial system, some of the most egregious inequalitites consacrated by law, and the most predatory corporate entities in the planet. The USA consistently poisons its citizens, tortures uncountable others, has the lowest life expectancy of an OECD country, the hightest health costs, has the highest population living without insurance or underinsured.

Oh, and about the kidnappings? FALSE! Just check this:

In conclusion – you’re more likely to be struck by lightning than kidnapped as a tourist / foreigner in Colombia

Ah, the land of the free and home of the brave!

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