Month: January 2009

What to do with life

The post from O’Reilly titled “Work on stuff that matters” resonated, because, in another dimension, the Milton Glaser essay Ten Things I Have Learned has been going around in my mind. The Glaser one is easiest to grasp, and is

Tweetbacks plugin not right

Tweetbacks turns twitterers into spammers – I have a 100 tweetbacks now in the blog, and deleting them fast. One of the offenders is also twitrans, which is asking for a lot of not nice translations. Ahh, it was nice

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Talk is easy

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Colombia earthquake

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Everything is political

I am re-reading Anansi Boys, that delicious book by Neil Gaiman; the writer describes it as If you have to classify it, it’s probably a magical-horror-thriller-ghost-romantic-comedy-family-epic, although that leaves out the detective bits and much of the food. . The

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