Everything is political

I am re-reading Anansi Boys, that delicious book by Neil Gaiman; the writer describes it as

If you have to classify it, it’s probably a magical-horror-thriller-ghost-romantic-comedy-family-epic, although that leaves out the detective bits and much of the food.

The whole story that can be retold as a contemporary political tale, or a cognitive science early myth, one that describes the moment in which stories shift from survival to creative, from procedural to transactional.

That book, though, had however a terrible fault, at least here in a Southern state: you don’t call black grown men “boys”, and since the protagonists are black, and the whole tale revolves around the story of Anansi, any reference to the book was almost forbidden. Was no cultural marketer there to tell Mr. Gaiman about the requirements and restrictions of a large market?

As Skunk Anansie would say, “everything is f***ing political”.

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  1. It seems like the English speaking world can be divided into Gaiman fans and those who wonder what the füks he on about. I fall into the latter camp.

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