Talk is easy

Since everybody and their granma loves twitter, now we have lists and top tens and the like. This, though, caught my attention: why twitter works:

Twitter, on the other hand, by having the deepest personal penetration (mobile phone) combined with the most ease of use (text message), has an effort rating that falls below most people’s natural resistance to participate, and its positive reward ratio is much higher because people are far more likely to respond to a text message than almost anything else.

I like the idea of twitter as a Dunbar destroyer, (from Dunbar number), since I have long stated that the Dunbar limit is valid only on primitive environment where physical displacement is cumbersome and energy intensive. OTOH, twitter (and other social media), allows for a larger contingent: you still have to know them and keep them entertained, but the barriers of knowledge and perception are not constrained by geographical location, but on similarity of interests: Media facilitating the social.

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