Health care as a right

All the heated debates about healthcare vary radically on the position they take to human life.
Framed as socialism, a battle that the Democrats willingly lost, healthcare for all is unwinnable. Framed as another freedom that this country gives its inhabitants, would it win in another round?

The point is relevant: a proper instituted healthcare would free people from the tyranny of lousy jobs, and take away the specter of bankruptcy. It would likely foster the idea of social mobility, and enhance competition; it will give people confidence in their pursuits, and take away the fear that is strangling competition, innovation and social discussion in this country.

Healthcare is not a divine right, argue its opponents. Well, neither are free speech or gun ownership. These were wrestled away from an elite that held everybody at bay through these limitations. People were not important, nobility was: this is the same situation that we see these days in healthcare.

How is that healthcare impeding mobility? Insurances make fiefdoms of employers, leaving all those that dare to leave in an impoverished state, open to tragedy and catastrophe without any cover. Insurance maintains that middle ages subjugation of the serf to the feudal lord, exacting half their salary, demanding complete subjugation, imposing random payments on sick individuals, and limiting the extent to which they can run, otherwise they lose their insurance.

These insurances trap the worker in a place from which they can not escape: They have to endure stupid bosses, dysfunctional office politics, incompetent superiors and psychopath values, simply because there is no other option if they want to go on their own. By limiting these workers to their current workplace we cap innovation and kill new ideas. If nobody dares to move nobody will dare to create, to push forward, to design the new America!

There is a hidden effect to this pernicious stagnation, and it is social immobility. A person trapped in a second rate job, with leadership the results of cliques and unwarranted privilege, will never access a better environment, will never reach that place when they can create a better tool, a better service, a new and important idea. The whole value of their existence, just like in pre-Revolution France, is decided by middle managers, the family of the owner of the company, or the general incompetence of an unlearned group. The person is a slave to others, and a serf of the owners. There is no freedom.

Health care is no divine right – is a citizen’s right in those countries that have demanded it: France, Italy, England, Switzerland, Canada. It is a given for international competitiveness, as China knows. It is a prerequisite for world pre-eminence, as any country with a better system than the USA knows and has experienced.

Did you k now that Mexico, India, Israel and Canada are medical tourism destinations? Companies and people have found that is outrageously expensive to get health care in the USA, so now we are also outsourcing our health, looking for foreign surgeons and widening even more the difference between rich and poor, using health now as another privilege denied those that are not nobility.

Health care is as much a right as any other one that the founding fathers bothered to write. Profiteering from providing that health care is, however, not.

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