Getting Ruby to work on Vista64

Trying to get Ruby and Rails to work in Vista64 turned to be an exercise in masochism: All the wikis, blogs, fora and others re contradicting one another, based on what worked in one system and extrapolating to other situations.

Here, I am going to do the same.

Part of the problem is that, after installing all the dependencies with gem install sqlite3-ruby there are messages that indicate that as not working:

==== UNSUPPORTED PLATFORM ==================================

The platform ‘i386-mingw32’ is unsupported. Please help the author by
editing the following file to allow your sqlite3 library to be found, and
submitting a patch to Thanks!


What I did was to go to the mentioned api.rb, and check the offending environment

ffi_lib case RUBY_PLATFORM.downcase
when /darwin/
when /linux|freebsd|netbsd|openbsd|dragonfly|solaris/
when /win32/
abort <<-EOF

and replaced when /win32/ with when /i386-mingw32/

I followed tips from emson.

So far this works, but I do fully expect more trouble along the way.

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