Grad student means coffee and cakes

coffee As Honey B. says, and Angela confirms, grad school is a parade of books an articles made bearable by the continuous supply of caffeine and sugar. Nothing prepares you to the insane rhythm of grad school and the relentless pursuit of excellence amid the demands and tugs of war of various departments, professors, assistantships, students and financial aid offices.


It starts easy, with a little small cup of coffee with skim milk and honey, the kind that you saw your Granma sip when sitting at the porch on warm Spring mornings, waiting for the days to go by in their sweet languor, no more running, calm in the smile and the appearance.

Things escalate, though, when papers are due, and that little thimble of coffee becomes twenty ounces of liquid syrupy dark caffeine, accompanied y scones, muffins and brownies with enough caloric content to heat your house for the next two weeks. It turns out, though, that the sugar is necessary to power the brain, poor overtaxed brain having to come up with ten thousand words of reasons why social media is a good idea and people, please, have you seen that facebook has 600 million users is that not enough answer?


As it turns out, the fact that facebook has more users than pagers the local library is not relevant: I have yet to prove the importance, relevance and viability of social media in a business environment.


So, in order to avoid dreaming in tweets and upvoting my friends (the ones I see once every week, if lucky) I have to consume coffee, if only because the frantic speech patterns and the rapid eye twitching makes me more like a real academic and less likely to be confused with one of the lesser life-forms, the undergrad.



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