Seeing #47percent in Gephi

47PerMain.pngNow that we have debates coming in, let’s see what Twitter had to say about the 47 percent comment from a while ago.
As you can see from the graph, there were a few major players twittering that thing, with 3 of them echoing the MotherJones sentiment, while the other one was BlackRepublican, agreeing with Willard and tryng to make the hashtag #47percent a rallying cry.

While you saw a lot of people decrying the comment made on the infamous video, a lot of people that vote Republican simply saw that as an affirmation of where their candidate sits, and interpreted that comment as a good thing.

As we all live in a social media echo chamber, it is necessary to use other tools to see what the general perception of the society is; particularly in this case, when groups see what they want to see and are quick to dismiss other alternative points of view or competing explanations.

Of course, this contrary explanation that we are seeing for the interpretation of the 47 percent video occurs because we have a polarized debate, one in which things are either right or wrong but nothing in between: We have to change that debate strategy, and find other ways to involve and listen to the other side.

Tools used:L Twitter, Gephi, RetweetMonitor.

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