Another Fourth

These days that handle heat and patriotism, mixed with bubbles, street carnivals and overpriced flags made in China, are also reminders of subtler emotions, deeds and promises: we all read the books, and can almost TH understand the meaning and connect with the context, but history evades us amid the myriad distractions posted by the press, the friends and the parties. 4th of parties indeed, because we all became engrossed in enjoying a few days off, relaxing and for a couple days, allowing time to flow without a particular goal but that of letting the sun go down.

Simmer in the heat, allow the chair to creak and the ice melt, high pitched noises in the background squeals of delight and enjoyment, all along with the threat of storms and bugs happily ignored.

Tired feet, air conditioners on high, ice cream for once being a valid option, and a long walk home after a town festival, caring our thoughts about independence and rights as some cherished antiquities that inform our present hey need to be asked and aired far more often.

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