On the horrible effects of Star Wars

Recently, with all the hoopla about Star Wars and derivative stories, there has been an increase in request with playtime with the stories relating to Star Wars and the changing contemporary mythology. My kid has been asking about Jedi, the Force, droids and things like it.

So, we started watching Episode IV, with a huge amount of commentary about the politics of the time when it was written, the desire of the author to write around Joseph Campbell’s the Hero’s Journey, the need to make the characters larger than life, almost unbelievable, and therefore the hyperbole, the exaggeration and, most importantly, the need to accept that the story is flawed, and we have to accept it without close examination, just watch and see the journey of our poor hero.

Of course, after all has been said and watched, all the Legos played with, there is one request.

Kid – “I want to make a Death Star.”

Me – “There is a nice Lego one.”

Kid – “No, it has to be real size.”

Me – “Of course.”

Kid – “Can we have it finished for the weekend?”

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