Things to do in no particular order

This is a list of the things tech that I have been given, in one way or another, in the last few weeks.

  • Create a minecraft server
  • Make a docker version of minecraft
  • Expand said server with kubernetes
  • Commercialize the minecraft docker kubernetes setup (MDK)
  • Now repeat but with RStudio (Some rstudio living in a docker managed by kubernetes)
  • Repeat with wordpress (this has been done)
  • Perform some RF analysis using the rdk (rstudio, docker, kubernetes) setup
  • Commercialize the RDK

What is amusing is that, while the list is in itself doable, and doubtless has been done before by many other companies, these requests all originate in some users that find themselves strapped for resources, needing something urgent, or possessed with a fiery DIY or at least a OIT attitude that leads them to avoid the existing commercial services.

I completely agree with that attitude. Open source makes life easier, people happier, and bean counters smile.

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