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Installing SuiteCRM

To install SuiteCRM, you have many options,but two of those are to go with a bitnami account, or simply to self-host. I am choosing the hard way, because what is a SaaS implementation without a little bit of pain? Furthermore,

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Cluster Analysis on R

This was going to be a magic post about clustering an it amazing abilities to find out hidden gems, gaining insight from the data, reducing a problem to a manageable situation, or better explaining a given situation to business partners

On the horrible effects of Star Wars

Recently, with all the hoopla about Star Wars and derivative stories, there has been an increase in request with playtime with the stories relating to Star Wars and the changing contemporary mythology. My kid has been asking about Jedi, the

Running R in Docker

Can’t be easier than that. I just launched Digital Ocean instance, appliance Docker, and install Rocker. A perfect, nice RStudio server to play with when on the move.

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Accesorizing your party by inviting The Other

Going to parties where we are obviously the local color, the quirky go trendy

Working on Data Analysis

And then somebody tells me that the technique I am using was developed only three years ago, and you can’t find information about it. Seriously? this thing is as old as WWII.

Taming the swarm

The continuous attempts to tame the flood of information have a lot in common with detecting emergent patterns in complex systems: we look for a deterministic model that can explain the behavior detected in the large number of observations, present

Another Fourth

These days that handle heat and patriotism, mixed with bubbles, street carnivals and overpriced flags made in China, are also reminders of subtler emotions, deeds and promises: we all read the books, and can almost TH understand the meaning and

In the South and West, a Tax on Being Poor

Everywhere we see that Wilkinson’s book The Spirit Level applies; one of these studies points to regressive taxes as indicators of inequality and their higher associated costs: The NYT published an article about it: In the South and West, a

Promotion vs. Prevention

And now it comes down to how the PM directs their team: Either by focusing on the final goal, identifying possibilities and taking risks in attaining that goal, or by making sure that the product managing process is taken care

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