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@AnnaIvey article has valid points, but crass delivery. # Powered by Twitter Tools

Jut saw a shawl like one that once my mother wore #silence # @heatherhuhman @YouTern desperate, most likely. # Powered by Twitter Tools

@saskajules probably put more than 7 characters in a password, despite social eng aspects. # @kirsn @sikuli hasn't this been abandoned? # @JoeCool2002 no updates since 2011. Not good. # @JacobyDave you can get jre6 (via google) # @JacobyDave I …

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@<a href="http://twitter buy generic” class=”aktt_username”>MarsCuriosity Do kiss and tell, you braggart. Also, congrats. # Powered by Twitter Tools

@neilhimself Anansi Boys is great story about knowledge, but title got me in trouble in the Southeast. Seriously, "boys"? # How to Raise a Child # Disruptions: Innovations Snuffed Out by Craigslist # Powered by Twitter Tools

@AgileBIrst beyond basecamp or activecollab? Install your own: Projectpier, Redmine or Collabtive. # Powered by Twitter Tools

@neilhimself is there a Catdel test? # A new #<a href="http://search.twitter click this” class=”aktt_hashtag”>band Mus Musculus Uninvited! It plays a hardcore urban industrial tone mainly in modulating melodic minor scales # Powered by Twitter Tools

Joyeux 14 Juillet! # @heatherhuhman @YouTern "The Rules" but for job seekers. # Powered by Twitter Tools

9 Beliefs of Remarkably Successful People #in #entrepreneur # Lo que vos te merecés!!: CIRCO: El mejor espectáculo del mundo!!! # Woodie Guthrie celebrated by Google. Awesome #thislandisyourland # @esochko no need for an excuse. We need more …

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@imgur guess what: your site is still presenting Error 324. # Powered by Twitter Tools