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Cluster Analysis on R

This was going to be a magic post about clustering an it amazing abilities to find out hidden gems, gaining insight from the data, reducing a problem to a manageable situation, or better explaining a given situation to business partners

Working on Data Analysis

And then somebody tells me that the technique I am using was developed only three years ago, and you can’t find information about it. Seriously? this thing is as old as WWII.

Taming the swarm

The continuous attempts to tame the flood of information have a lot in common with detecting emergent patterns in complex systems: we look for a deterministic model that can explain the behavior detected in the large number of observations, present

Grad student means coffee and cakes

As Honey B. says, and Angela confirms, grad school is a parade of books an articles made bearable by the continuous supply of caffeine and sugar. Nothing prepares you to the insane rhythm of grad school and the relentless pursuit

Happy Pi Day

And today we all celebrate our Happy Pi Day! But I learned that MArch 14 is actually National Pi Day, approved by Congress and all. Pi shows everywhere, and not just for being trascendent, but because it might even be

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Gender and imagery in science

It is interesting to note how our own cultural biases change and sometimes impede the scientific research. That is the case in fertilization, as Emily Martin studied: In fact, biologists could have figured out a hundred years ago that sperm

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Digital library

I would have thought that UCali would be the first in the Google panopticon, but at least they are there in their partnership now. “The academic enterprise is fundamentally about discovery,” said John Oakley, chair of UC’s systemwide Academic Senate

Open CMS

A few projects have come up in which I will be deciding over a CMS, and naturally, open source is the way to go. I like the clear and concise path that Seth Gottlieb indicates for choosing a CMS, including

Rain in NJ

It turns out that old New Jersey is at danger because of rising sea levels, The Princeton University researchers also projected that as much as 9 percent of the state’s low-lying land could be hit by periodic coastal flooding in