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we googled you

google. lower case google: you get more brand recognition and mind share by being a verb, not a brand: air is free, yet we all breath it. Now, to the point: zephoria asks for participation in her Case Study for

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The five reasons of successful blogging

And, just as with the like the eightfold path or the pirates’ code, these are rather like guidelines. 1. Stories matter. Numbers were inserted here and there to make a point when talking about dire need or how a person

Twitter and facebook – aol 2.0?

First, they took the walls off the garden using another social media site. Second, eternal September, once more, using facebook as

MT as open source. KTHXBYE

And speaking of princesses, At one time, Movable Type was the princess to Blogger’s Queen, a potential successor to the kingdom of Blog, Blog Away. Ben and Mena Trott were feted and fawned over. They were even invited to contribute


And not the ones in your head, dude. WordPress Plugins according to the blog: Our ever-expanding “extend” section now has a brand-spanking new plugins directory where you can browse, download, rate, and comment on all your favorite plugins.

On broken cultures and weaving reality

Go fly a kite! So I went. And lo and behold, the kite became the metaphor for whatever culture I was in: It was just a matter of letting go, of lifting restrictions and eliminating poisonous influences, to start writing


On August 31


Go check Center for Citizen Media course on Citizen Journalism: The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, an organization that has been helping train journalists for decades, understands the need. We’re happy to announce that the foundation has awarded

Dead blogging

I finally realized why is it that blogging is such a boring, depressing activity as of lately. It is as fun as going to the cemetery to converse with old friends, and precisely for the same reasons. When I first


Which are still working?