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Graph me

This little rhizome is the image of my site as a graph, courtesy of the website Websites as Graphs; via shutterclog, whom I haven’t read in ages: amazing photo website, with awesome NSFW (in the USA) pictures. Technorati: blogging, visualization


A bunch of friends are looking for my presence on the blogosphere. Unlike other times, when I would acknowledge such interest with my URI, I now only point them to google and my name. That ought to be enough. I


I am, all of a sudden, reading other people’s blogs, commenting on their ideas and lives, enjoying the original,old skool format of the blog: you write, I comment. You see, for so long I have been a prisoner of delicious,

CMS and projects

El uso de herramientas CMS para manejo de proyectos se basa en la naturaleza colectiva de los mismo, la presencia de módulos para manejar granularidad, seguridad de acceso y flujo de trabajo, y la posibilidad de incorporar documentación generada con

my delicious space

so what does it mean, to become immersed in the rich primordial soup of a myspace? We become the pushers of content, and more than anything, we the users become qualifiers instead of originators of content, through links, tags

blogger code

B8 D+++ T+ K++ S++ F I O X+ E L C- Y4 R+ W++ P++++ M1 N- N+ via Christian


Open CMS

A few projects have come up in which I will be deciding over a CMS, and naturally, open source is the way to go. I like the clear and concise path that Seth Gottlieb indicates for choosing a CMS, including

Family blog

Further on the discussion about blogs vs. journalism: I family member suggested that we kept updated about our comings and goings through a newspaper, and I immediately suggested a blog. As with all things technical, if you suggest it, you

The joke that went

The best and most imaginative blonde joke ever. Seriously. You have never seen a thing like this.