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Everything is political

I am re-reading Anansi Boys, that delicious book by Neil Gaiman; the writer describes it as If you have to classify it, it’s probably a magical-horror-thriller-ghost-romantic-comedy-family-epic, although that leaves out the detective bits and much of the food. . The

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And I thought I had outlived this horrible November loved/dreaded task! Last couple years were definitely too surreal to even think about writing, This year is proving to be unique as well, but I might give it a shot, between

Bobo marketing

A marvelous realization! All that fake Nepalese cutlery? All those distressed tables? all carefully marketed!: We tend to think our standards for the beautiful and good are natural and eternal. They aren’t. And you know who needs this analysis of

Harry Potter: a review

Jessa Crispin points to Harry Crace’s review of the latest Harry Potter: The book will start witph Harry making his way back to Hogwart’s for his final year and his scar will be hurting. Ginny and Ron will be flirting

Plastic brain, purple rain

OK, so that is a bad word game, yet the plasticity of the brain appears to be nothing short of amazing, miraculous, and incomprehensible just yet; from the NYTimes: For patients with brain injury, the revolution brings only good news,


Better called the environmentalist revenge, The Swarm is a tad cold for me; begins as a sort of environmental ethic primer, traverses some encyclopedic descriptions and ends up in a maelstrom of rapid conclusions, almost too catastrophically convenient. I like

Non-appropriate books?

Going from boingboing about erotica in a list that tries to protect children from bad books, I went to the original site and found the PABBIS List of Lists, with such a gem like Books on this list may, or

New Yorker

I love keeping things. Of course, getting the whole 80 Years of The New Yorker DVD is appealing to a collecting mind. Besides, I get to read. A little. I need a bigger screen.

Fifty novels

China Miéville, besides doing his PhD (A Historical Materialist Analysis of International Law and the Legal Form, LSE, 2002) and writing amazing novels, has also a critical socialist side to him. Go read his recommendations for Fifty Fantasy & Science


I got the limited edition for Stephenson’sQuicksilver, magnificently bound, signed, in a different format and all. A luxurious book. Useless. I cannot play with it! I can not read the thing with my hands dirty, or while in bed, or