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Promotion vs. Prevention

And now it comes down to how the PM directs their team: Either by focusing on the final goal, identifying possibilities and taking risks in attaining that goal, or by making sure that the product managing process is taken care

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Another SaaS BI. We told you

And now techchrucnch has that Domo is getting new funding. The tech space has always been awash with things looking to give to the exec suite, especially since they are the ones with the pourse strings and the Damocle’s sword

Building the civilized workplace

Building the civilized workplace The workplace jerk definition I use is this: do people feel oppressed, humiliated, de-energized, or belittled after talking to an alleged jerk? In particular, do they feel worse about themselves? If your potential colleagues are self-centered,

Google Phone rumours

Ohh that it were true! Thee are rumours about a new Google phone coming out in January for only $99, and although pure speculation it makes my mouth water in anticipation. Gizmodo actually has a good point: Google would be

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Dead of a SaaS

The rumors of the potential demise of SaaS seem to be exaggerated. True, there is a glut of companies, and the current business model doesn’t seem to give space to consolidation of services and customers. The traditional providers of business

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we googled you

google. lower case google: you get more brand recognition and mind share by being a verb, not a brand: air is free, yet we all breath it. Now, to the point: zephoria asks for participation in her Case Study for

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Inching towards a goal

We all know the famous quote, and whether Lombardi’s or some baseball person it is still valid. And then, it is the corollary, from Seth Godin Obsessing about the last inch of follow through ensures that the important parts of

Hire the best people

This howto by Marc Andreessen, about hiring the best people, is interesting, to say the least. Most other articles about hiring people center on the specifics of the interview and the hiring process, whereas Marc focus on the why and

Capability Maturity Model

For whatever reason, I have been thinking about CMM these days. From the wikipedia definition: The Capability Maturity Model can be used to assess an organization against a scale of five process maturity levels. Each level ranks the organization according


For all those manager types that are caught within situations they don’t get: Because it is not our control over others what makes us powerful, but how we adapt to a particular situation. via Media Influencer