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Vonnegut’s advice

Bob Sutton, author of the “No Asshole Rule“, writes about ow Kurt Vonnegut gave permission to publish “Joe Heller”, and the background to that story: Heller remarks to Vonnegut that he has something that the billionaire can never have, “The

Go soft on the power

The mere fact that we are dependent on coffee machines to start up our day ought to call our attention to the importance of the coffee break in our corporate culture: Who your people drink coffee with, and where, is

Inflight information

These last airline restrictions spell marvels for the software industry! Seriously. I was reading last night the blog of DarcyLabMistress (and for those interested in who she is you might want to remember Kevin Mitnick), and reading her and her

Business Values

Startups are highly attractive workplaces for some of us, but according to Dharmesh Shah, there is much more to ask when considering joining one: Nowhere else will you get the diverse set of experiences and visibility that you can get

gonzo books marketing

Nearly all management and career coaches tell their pupils to learn to fail faster, to try and push their performance envelope; most of us live in a world of what we believe possible, and we refuse to acknowledge what might

Best Corporate Citizens

A little list about the best corporate citizens, according to KLD for Business Ethics: These firms are ranked on performance in eight stakeholder categories: share-holders, community, gover-nance, diversity, employees, environment, human rights, and product. Among the long-standing best citizens are

Ruby fast

Ruby fast Justin Gehtlan has some interesting numbers from a ruby app at Some Numbers at Last, with the sweetest conclusion: Rails can be very fast… On the other hand, I am going to spend more of my time trying

On Ruby, Basecamp, and Lisp

I have finally drank the kool-aid, and started reading on ruby, rails, information architecture, lisp and all those (soon to-do) SCIP ideas. As it happens, everybody is doing that, and there is no first in market advantage here, but it

Marketing and blogs

Two years ago, I was trying to teach a friend about blogs, and since she works in marketing, the obvious way was to peddle this kind of activity under the “it-will-be-good-for-your-work” marquee. At that moment blogs were not so known

List for success

A list of Ten Daily Things… for Success, as told by Marcus Vorwaller. Briefly, they are: get daily motivational log every progress rewrite goals (wiki?) network save money create a cash cow get good sleep volunteer manage your money own