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What to do with life

The post from O’Reilly titled “Work on stuff that matters” resonated, because, in another dimension, the Milton Glaser essay Ten Things I Have Learned has been going around in my mind. The Glaser one is easiest to grasp, and is

On brain cells and attention spans

Why is it that work becomes so boring after a while? Why projects remains exciting, no matter how exhausting and demanding? Why is the thrill of a deadline better than the monotonous drone of the routine meeting and the impossible

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Inching towards a goal

We all know the famous quote, and whether Lombardi’s or some baseball person it is still valid. And then, it is the corollary, from Seth Godin Obsessing about the last inch of follow through ensures that the important parts of

Big to-do

Getting ready for a job search? Here is some advice. Free, even. research the company articulate needs and desires be professional in the interviews demonstrate good communication skills maintain a business profile Guess what I am doing right now?

Hire the best people

This howto by Marc Andreessen, about hiring the best people, is interesting, to say the least. Most other articles about hiring people center on the specifics of the interview and the hiring process, whereas Marc focus on the why and

Vonnegut’s advice

Bob Sutton, author of the “No Asshole Rule“, writes about ow Kurt Vonnegut gave permission to publish “Joe Heller”, and the background to that story: Heller remarks to Vonnegut that he has something that the billionaire can never have, “The

On broken cultures and weaving reality

Go fly a kite! So I went. And lo and behold, the kite became the metaphor for whatever culture I was in: It was just a matter of letting go, of lifting restrictions and eliminating poisonous influences, to start writing

Tip of the morning

In reality, the Iron Monkey has it right when he advises people on how to be good, whether coders or rock stars: learn what others have been doing well, and learn to do it like that. Of course, it also

On Ruby, Basecamp, and Lisp

I have finally drank the kool-aid, and started reading on ruby, rails, information architecture, lisp and all those (soon to-do) SCIP ideas. As it happens, everybody is doing that, and there is no first in market advantage here, but it

I have no words

In the process of looking for a suitable job, and then getting hired, I find these 25 hurtful words spread all over the place. As Levitt and Morville say, our information has to be findable, and adjectives have become obscuring