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Another Fourth

These days that handle heat and patriotism, mixed with bubbles, street carnivals and overpriced flags made in China, are also reminders of subtler emotions, deeds and promises: we all read the books, and can almost TH understand the meaning and

On brain cells and attention spans

Why is it that work becomes so boring after a while? Why projects remains exciting, no matter how exhausting and demanding? Why is the thrill of a deadline better than the monotonous drone of the routine meeting and the impossible

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Do not go gentle into the good night

For no particular reason, Dylan Thomas’ Do not go gentle into the good night: Do not go gentle into that good night, Old age should burn and rave at close of day; Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

An empty space

Loneliness settles unbid, and my list grows longer. My life pretends to be easy, When the only obligation I want escapes me. What to do? Behave impeccably!

On not blogging

I have achieved the dubious distinction of not writing but once a month! What an honor! As Gaiman says, in a magnificent advocacy of recursion, the best description of the story is the story itself, for it then becomes the

Dead blogging

I finally realized why is it that blogging is such a boring, depressing activity as of lately. It is as fun as going to the cemetery to converse with old friends, and precisely for the same reasons. When I first


Merlin asks for eccentricities, all those little quirks that made us different from the people around us. That is a travel through a period of self-discovery and self-consciousness: we were inventing our persona. In high school, and for a while


New year, and with it, thought and introspection. This, from Matt Howie, on advice and getting old: maybe life isn’t a journey to uncover new truths in far off places, but instead to simply gain enough to experience to understand


Create the storyboard to your life, create the possibilities, the dreams, the travels, the knowledge: Avi Solomon’s advice is as simple as that, to make our relationship with the future we create as compelling and easy to perceive as the

Upside of WS

Here in WS the great advantage is that I am surrounded by people that know me. So, yes, it is very comfortable. The downside is that I am already missing somebody else that lives in the 510 area code. Cool,