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In the South and West, a Tax on Being Poor

Everywhere we see that Wilkinson’s book The Spirit Level applies; one of these studies points to regressive taxes as indicators of inequality and their higher associated costs: The NYT published an article about it: In the South and West, a

Medicaid Stance

The discussion on implementation of ACA by states gets heated, but I find it worthy of attention the map showing the states that are going ahead with an implementation of the Act, and how it correlates to the infamous “right

Making the recession official

The NBER officially tell us that we are now in a recession: The committee identified December 2007 as the peak month, after determining that the subsequent decline in economic activity was large enough to qualify as a recession. via the

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Dead of a SaaS

The rumors of the potential demise of SaaS seem to be exaggerated. True, there is a glut of companies, and the current business model doesn’t seem to give space to consolidation of services and customers. The traditional providers of business

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OLPC and milk

I am confident that the One Laptop Per Child will have the effect which is the educational equivalent of the nutritional disaster that imported formula has had on the poor parts of the world. Is this a broad generalization, or

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Is OLPC degrading?

While interesting to suggest giving an OLPC, what is it that makes it insulting? It doesn’t go to a “kid”, it goes to a school system, which will then have to pay to maintain it. They’re actually having trouble unloading

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China has a long way to go

The Empire is still far, far away: Guy Sorman has a scalding piece on the mirage that is modern China: The Party’s primary concern is not improving the lives of the downtrodden; it seeks power more than it seeks social

Business Values

Startups are highly attractive workplaces for some of us, but according to Dharmesh Shah, there is much more to ask when considering joining one: Nowhere else will you get the diverse set of experiences and visibility that you can get

Web 2.boring

Web 2.0 has jumped the shark. Boris Karadogan published a list of Web 2.0 companies, and in doing that he crushed the hopes of procrastinator entrepreneurs, worried the investors, and started the road to a newer version of web. Here

Ruby Acceptance

Cedric is pessimistic regarding Ruby and its mainstream acceptance: Why Ruby on Rails won’t become mainstream Interestingly, they might even be right. But by then, it won’t matter because despite its technical excellence, Ruby on Rails will still be a