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Let them eat cake

I have found the most compelling criteria for finding intelligent life in other universes: you must have cake. Seriously. There are various arguments for that, but I like the economic side of it: you are obviously wasting untold resources, same

I have no words

In the process of looking for a suitable job, and then getting hired, I find these 25 hurtful words spread all over the place. As Levitt and Morville say, our information has to be findable, and adjectives have become obscuring

Chaos markets

Do some trading using your computer: All such methodologies fall under the catch-all title of technical analysis, the subject of countless books, newsletters and “how-I-got-rich” infomercial testimonials. The central idea — reducing securities markets to mathematically crunchable datasets that can


Meat grown in huge vats could be a possibility. But really, do we want to have a synthosteak? And what are the energy benefits of such a thing, ie, how much energy goes into it and what goes out of

grokster: US vs the world

Ben Hammersley points to the recent Supreme Court decision declaring grokster liable for the file swapping, torture in Abu Ghraib and all ills in the world. Ben notes that US law may not apply elsewhere in the world, leaving other

Krispy Meme

Small city, big problems when it attempts to grow: Exactly what happened to Krispy Kreme and its financial and operating woes: “When we see patterns of excessive compensation, that is usually an indicator that the board is not sufficiently independent,”

SOX and Social Software

Acknowledged. Being in charge is costly: Executives at the roundtable consistently said that complying with Section 404 has been more expensive than they had anticipated, and they questioned whether the benefit – which no one has been able to quantify

Asia’s energy demands

On the oncoming energy wars, check the McKinsey’s article about Asia’s energy future needs: The magnitude of Asia’s future energy needs explains this urgency: the region’s share of global consumption will nearly double in the next 20 years, to about

Ad in flight

I am waiting for airlines to start in-flight advertising, such and such flight sponsored by corporatiosn and the like, and a “reserved seat”. Imagine: Your favorite window seat with lots of leg room sponsored by Starbucks, with logo and all.

Creative business

Fast Company points to Teresa Amabile, from the Entrepreneurial Management Unit at HBS, whose research focus on creativity; sadly for the advocates of death marches and non-compensated overtime, her study suggests that creativity, and by extension, economic life, comes from