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Gore as Goebbels

Lessig point to a clip of Fox News comparing Al Gore to Goebbels, the infamous Nazi propagandist. Gore as Goebbels? Definitely Fox is projecting! Technorati: politics,environment,propaganda

Rain in NJ

It turns out that old New Jersey is at danger because of rising sea levels, The Princeton University researchers also projected that as much as 9 percent of the state’s low-lying land could be hit by periodic coastal flooding in

Hurricanes: What is coming

It is going to be twice as worse. The following is an extract of the NOAA assessment for this year’s hurricane season: NOAA is calling for a 95% to 100% chance of an above-normal 2005 Atlantic hurricane season, according to

New Orleans

My heart goes to the city and its people. After listening \to the Mayor of NO demand for help (found @ metachat), and reading the criminally inept responses from top officials, alll I have is a profound sympathy for the


Meat grown in huge vats could be a possibility. But really, do we want to have a synthosteak? And what are the energy benefits of such a thing, ie, how much energy goes into it and what goes out of

Pesticide people

No more testing pesticides in school children. At least in California, Iraq will have to wait a little longer: The CA Assembly has passed a legislation that will prohibit using untested pesticides in schools: Is it really legal to expose

Happy Water Day!

Think about it. From Democracy Now: The United Nations says more than 1.1 billion people around the world lack safe water and 2.4 billion have no access to sanitation – leading to over 3 million deaths every year. Almost one

Glowing sky

It utrns out that dinosaurs were barbequed, not frozen! Brian Toon from UCol is cited stating that the cause of their extintion was, basically, an overheated atmosphere resulting from the asteroid impact. Creatures living near ground zero would have been

Dave’s Commencement Address

Dave offers one Commencement Address with advice that is sorely needed: The third tool is imagination. The most important sentence I ever wrote was a double-entendre: If we can’t imagine, we can do anything. If we can’t imagine, we can


Perhaps it was fate that made the most poisonous animal on Earth to come from one of the most dangerous countries: Phyllobates terribilis is a nice little yellow frog, almost cute in its coloration. It is also very very extremely