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Benedetti dies

uno no siempre hace lo que quiere
pero tiene el derecho de no hacer
lo que no quiere

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On white privilege

A few weeks ago, somebody physically attacked me. He is one foot taller, weights fifty pounds more, and is white. Obviously, I called the police. Imagine my surprise when they arrive, and they yell at me! “You get away now!”

Death threats

Bloggers are under attack: death threats to Kathy Sierra, and an international response. In these days, that people are simply throwing around death threats as if they were candy, it might be worth to revisit wikipedia: A death threat is

Race and racism revived

Is the issue of race forgotten already? Clearly, people tend to forget that which is more unsavory: At least in the abstract most Americans disavow bigotry. They feel that it’s shameful that American citizens are being discriminated against because of

Latino Sports

Soccer! Baseball! Racy ads!

Latina bodies

Latina women are different, in many ways more that can be described. One of those is their body and the attitude they have about it. According to the Philadelphia Daily News Regina Medina, Latina teens are developing a healthy attitude

Bill O’Reilly said wetbacks

Did this guy just said that? Did he actually called Mexican nationals wetbacks? We’d save lives because Mexican wetbacks, whatever you want to call them… Fire him. Roast him, slowly, with the air coming from his own head. Fire him!