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What to do with life

The post from O’Reilly titled “Work on stuff that matters” resonated, because, in another dimension, the Milton Glaser essay Ten Things I Have Learned has been going around in my mind. The Glaser one is easiest to grasp, and is

Inching towards a goal

We all know the famous quote, and whether Lombardi’s or some baseball person it is still valid. And then, it is the corollary, from Seth Godin Obsessing about the last inch of follow through ensures that the important parts of

Again, with more light

Zen on death

Dying with regrets is not at all unusual. To avoid a sad and meaningless end to our life we need to remember continually that we too must die. Contemplating our own death will inspire us to use our life wisely

Stay motivated

Running at noon, in this heat? Are you crazy? of course I am! But there are reasons to stay motivated. Set goals Stack the deck Build a creative den Retreat, but don’t surrender Find your cycle The right tools Follow

Thinking as a hobby

PTB points to the three degrees of thinking that William Golding discovered early in life. I love that ability to place your mind outside of the discourse, look at the background noise, and come with a reason why. But much

On courage

From Mr Smash, something to remember these days: Courage is not the absence of fear. To the contrary, courage involves recognizing danger, but acting on the realization that danger must be confronted — or it will find you when you


This affair is like the bright sun in the blue sky, shining clearly, changeless and motionless, without diminishing or increasing. It shines everywhere in the daily activities of everyone, appearing in everything. Though you try to grasp it, you cannot


Synchronicity: what happens when the world spins the way we need it to. You might like this article from Getting Real: Well, needless to say, I couldn’t believe my luck. It was as if the Pigeon of Good Fortune had

Vonnegut’s advice

Bob Sutton, author of the “No Asshole Rule“, writes about ow Kurt Vonnegut gave permission to publish “Joe Heller”, and the background to that story: Heller remarks to Vonnegut that he has something that the billionaire can never have, “The