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Talk is easy

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Spore DRM and the most copied game

And I get this email “@Neurokafka you DMR invaded brain washed corporate elitist! about 5 hours ago from TwitterFox in reply to Neurokafka” okay, w.t.f. are you talking about? What do you have against stand-up comedy? Larry Miller and what

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Twittering words

The famous TC50 are already creating a huge reaction; A funny one? twíttere rands, who says Read the company description — tell me how long until you are forced to punch yourself in the face. My record: 15 words –

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Modern art

You know all those GPS trackers you can get at spy stores? What about the smaller ones, the ones that indicate position in a room? Abe has a proposal for a 21st century installation: – Buy 5 -11 floor cleaning

Wedding Crashers

I just dusted this old, in Holloywood years, movie, and saw it again without the pressure of the movie theater. Amazing, in this comedy, how the characters evolve from being simply scoundrels to being outstanding citizens, worthy of the Secretary’s

Gore as Goebbels

Lessig point to a clip of Fox News comparing Al Gore to Goebbels, the infamous Nazi propagandist. Gore as Goebbels? Definitely Fox is projecting! Technorati: politics,environment,propaganda

On Ruby, Basecamp, and Lisp

I have finally drank the kool-aid, and started reading on ruby, rails, information architecture, lisp and all those (soon to-do) SCIP ideas. As it happens, everybody is doing that, and there is no first in market advantage here, but it

grokster: US vs the world

Ben Hammersley points to the recent Supreme Court decision declaring grokster liable for the file swapping, torture in Abu Ghraib and all ills in the world. Ben notes that US law may not apply elsewhere in the world, leaving other

Prison songs

The Alan Lomax Collection.

bug me not

Online Newspapers suck with all their registration policies. Enter, a site that provides username and passwords for all those places that ought to know better: you make news by allowing yourself to be searchable.