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Getting Ruby to work on Vista64

Trying to get Ruby and Rails to work in Vista64 turned to be an exercise in masochism: All the wikis, blogs, fora and others re contradicting one another, based on what worked in one system and extrapolating to other situations.

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Google OS, at last.

Google is going with their own OS, and it is not going to be a GoOS. Sadly. 5 years ago I posted about various speculations on this fabled operatig system, here, and part of the idea was the cloud as

Larger databases

I found this presentation, which points to interesting developments: Multi-terabyte MySQL Data Warehouses Multi-terabyte MySQL Data Warehouses

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Document Freedom Day 2009

Today is Document Freedom Day 2009 Why is that imnpoirtant? When a corporation owns the format in which your document lives, it is effectively gone from you the moment that corporation changes anything, goes broke, anything. Also, if you have

OLPC gone windows

This comment summarizes it all: OLPC = One License Per Child Reported by the Inquirer, the OLPC project is throwing away its linux pedigree, opting for the impossibly corporate Microsoft Windows. What, I wonder, is the rationale behind it. An

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OLPC and milk

I am confident that the One Laptop Per Child will have the effect which is the educational equivalent of the nutritional disaster that imported formula has had on the poor parts of the world. Is this a broad generalization, or

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linux in walmart

walmart is, oddly, the perfect environment to deploy linux for the masses. Check the Wired article about a nice$200 desktop available at walmart. Given the typical walmart consumer, this is akin to the famous olpc initiative, although in a much

Canon vs Linux

I love ubuntu linux, but recent experiments with unsuspecting friends had led me to conclude that it is going to be a long and arduous time before there is mainstream acceptance for it. Hey, ubuntu linux is the best, most